Adding Your First Sensors

Now that you've created your Notion account and connected your bridge to your Wi-Fi, you're ready to add your first sensor. Here's how...

First, take out a sensor. You'll need to see the back of the sensor in order to join it to your system, so it's best not to stick it to any doors or windows until you've joined them to the bridge. 


Knock the top of your sensor two times so that you see the green LED light flash. Once you see the green LED light flash, your sensor is awake and ready for the next step. Tap on the button that says, "Ok, next!" at the bottom of the page.

The bottom of each sensor has a unique code of squares printed on a label. It's called a QR code and it's very similar to a bar code used to scan groceries at the supermarket. You'll need to use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the QR code. When you're ready, tap on the "Launch Camera" button to continue.



If the camera is out-of-focus you may want to move your phone either closer or further away from the QR code to get it sharp enough for capture. You don't need to tap on the screen or anything, the Notion app will automatically take you to the next page once the code is recognized.



You may see the above message briefly appear to tell you that your sensor has been identified. You're now ready to assign specific monitoring duties to your sensor. 


First, choose one of the rooms listed or select "Other*" to type-in a custom name for the room where your sensor will be located.

When you've made your selection, tap on the green circle with the ">" symbol in it.

Next, choose the specific monitoring tasks you'd like to assign to this sensor. You can choose any of the following options:

  • Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Garage Door
  • Safe
  • Smoke Alarm
  • General Water 
  • Temperature
  • Window

Once you've selected all of the desired monitoring tasks for your sensor, tap on the "Assign Tasks" button at the bottom of the page.


Once you've selected all of the desired monitoring tasks for your sensor, tap on the "Assign Tasks" button at the bottom of the page.

Now your sensor can be installed on whichever part of your home you selected. In this case, the instructions for installing the sensor on a door are displayed. Once you've finished installing your sensor, tap on the "Okay, installed" button to continue.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a Notion account, set up your Notion bridge and programmed your first sensor to monitor an important part of your home. From here, you can add more sensors, tap on the status of your existing sensors or tap on the contacts and settings icons in the top left of your Notion dashboard.

The next topic will show how to set up alerts on your phone and share them with other people.

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