How do I customize notifications?

Only want to receive Notion alerts when they are most prudent to your day? By adding custom notifications, you can personalize alerts so they show up only when you want them to. 


Home vs. Away

Using Bluetooth technology, Notion is able to detect if you're home or away by measuring your phones range from the bridge. For example, if you're out getting groceries, the system will turn to 'away mode', and when you come back, it will automatically switch to 'home mode'. This can be very useful if you only want to receive alerts when you are out of your house. 

To set up 'Automatic Mode Switching' go to your home page, select 'At Home' or 'Away' on the right side of your screen, and then select whether you want 'Automatic Mode Switching' on or off. If you don't want Notion to automatically switch your locations for you, you can also manually select whether you want the app in 'Home' or 'Away' mode.     

You can also customize each task to send you alerts when you're home or away. Click on the task from the home screen and then make your selection at the bottom of the page.


Nighttime alerts

Receiving alerts when you're sleeping can either be helpful or annoying. Good news is Notion lets you customize this feature for each task. 

To set up, click on a task from your home screen then scroll down to toggle 'on' and 'off' for the "Send alerts at night" mode. 


Setting Temperature Thresholds 

Sometimes your home's temperature gets out of whack. Maybe you left a window open and your heat is on full blast to offset the cool air, or your basement heat has stopped working and your pipes are in danger of freezing. Being aware of this can save you money and hassle. 

To set up, select the 'Temperature' task on your home screen. From there you will be taken to the settings page, scroll down and select the temperature threshold you would like to receive alerts for. 



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