My sensor is disconnected from my bridge.

Sensors usually disconnect from the bridge if they are far away or if there are too many obstacles in their way. Here a few steps to help fix it:

Sensor Location

Sensors have to be within 75ft of the bridge.

Bridge Location 

Placing your bridge in a central location will help sensor connectivity issues. 

Bridge Connectivity 

Make sure the light on the bridge is green. If the bridge is blinking blue or red, it is having trouble finding your Wi-Fi. Please visit this page for assistance

Reinstall Sensor

Delete the sensor and try reinstalling it. To do this, go into the app, click the sensor icon in the top bar, and select what sensor you want to delete. 

From there, remove the top of the sensor from the wall by twisting the top half of the enclosure to the left. This has the QR code that you will need. 

Go to the sensor icon again and click add new sensor. Go through the set up process again to get your sensor back on the network. 

If you continue to have connectivity issues, move your bridge around a few times to see if you can mitigate the issue. As sensors start to understand how to best connect to bridge they will have less connectivity issues. 

If this doesn't work, please contact support at 877-668-4660 or email us at 

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