How do I pair my bridge with new wifi credentials?

Recently make updates to your wifi and your bridge is no longer connected? No problem!

Follow these steps to reconnect your bridge. 

  1. In the Notion app visit Systems then Bridges. Select your bridge and delete it it. 
  2. While your bridge is plugged into an outlet, take a paperclip and stick it in the hole on the top of the bridge near the light pipe. 
  3. Once the paperclip comes in contact with a button, please hold it down for 10 seconds. 
  4. Open Notion and visit Systems, Bridges, then Add Bridge to go back through the pairing process. 

Once your bridge is connected, it will have a green light. 

If this doesn't work, please contact support at 877-668-4660 or email us at 

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    To show you visually "the guts" what button your selecting here is the guts of the Notion unit and the button is where I am putting my knife utility to push down. I'm a visual person and when I don't feel a click like a solenoid switch and I don't see any change, I like to have and understanding of what I'm pushing.


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    For some reason even when I pushed with a paperclip through the mold the button wasn't selecting. So I opened up my casing to get to the button to restart it and it worked. I suggest most people do not do this, but worst case scenario, this is what I did.

    This is a great system, I must warn anyone that looks at could short out the board with a wrong "wiggle" on the USB power connection supply. Call customer support if you have an issue.

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