Bridge Not Found

Having trouble adding a bridge to Notion? We're here to help! Here are couple things to check:

  • Is your bridge plugged in and flashing blue? If it's green, we'll need to reset the bridge.
  • Did you plug your bridge in within the last 30 minutes? A bridge is only searchable within 30 minutes of being plugged in. If it's been over a half hour since you plugged in the bridge, please unplug it and replug it back in before trying again. 
  • How close is your bridge to your router? During the initial pairing, it may help to move the bridge to a room closer to your router. 
  • Are location services turn on for the mobile device you're using? We need your home location during bridge setup so we can let you know when events happen when you're home or away. Please visit your phone settings and ensure location is turned on. 


Still having trouble? We're here to help! Contact support at 877-668-4660 or email us at

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